Re-energize your body & improve your mental clarity

Discover Pronoia, the perfect blend of active community and relaxation. Join us in achieving goals while finding moments to unwind and refocus. Engage in fitness and stretching activities that invigorate your body and promote mental clarity. Picture yourself basking in the sun on our serene beach, letting the waves wash away stress and rejuvenate your spirit. Re-energize your body and mind, finding balance and renewal. With Pronoia, you’ll experience a like-minded community that supports your goals and offers a variety of ways to relax and recharge. Embrace the beach, embrace wellness, and embrace the power of Pronoia

What is included in the package:

  • Airport pick up transportation
  • Luxury villa stay & amenities
  • 1 myofascial massage
  • 1 Adventure, Unesco site or famous destination
  • Wide variety of fitness Classes
  • Cardio classes
  • Stretching Classes
  • Access to coworking and community
  • Access to resort facilities
  • Breakfast and lunch Included
  • 10% F&B discount on drinks and additionals 


  • Butler On Call 


4 nights/ 5 days                                          Private Luxury Villa: USD 1,199               Shared Luxury Villa:  USD 999

7 nights/ 8 days                                          Private Luxury Villa: USD 1,999              Shared Luxury Villa:  USD 1,599

28 nights/ 29 days                                      Private Luxury Villa: USD 5,999              Shared Luxury Villa: USD 4,999

*Prices are per person 

Luxury Villa Room  

4 nights/ 5 days            

Private Luxury Villa: USD 1,199          

Shared Luxury Villa:  USD 999

7 nights/ 8 days   

Private Luxury Villa: USD 1,999            

Shared Luxury Villa:  USD 1,599

28 nights/ 29 days         

Private Luxury Villa: USD 5,999             

Shared Luxury Villa:  USD 4,999                    

*Prices are per person

Here is an example of your day:

When you join Pronoia community, your time belongs to you as we fully understand and support that you are coming to work, relax and get new healthy habits. Thats why we have flexible schedule available.

Lets not forget that we have many adventure with our coaches around the island that will be available for time that you need to discover dream scenery.

 6.00 AM|

Wake up with sunrise and cup of coffee

7:30 AM|

Join our fitness class

9:00 AM| 

Breakfast in our restaurant

10:00 AM| 

Time to creative work and office 🙂

1.00 PM|

Lunch time and rest around the pool

3:00 PM|

Some more light work or massage

5:30 PM| 

Sunset beach walk

7:30 PM| 


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