Looking for friends, pleasure or to increase your mental energy, our different range of classes welcomes everyone.


Love your life and join our Yoga classes. It is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels with no prior yoga experience required. Our instructor is trained in therapeutic yoga techniques to accommodate any level of aches and pains.


Be part of Pronoia Community and enjoy a large selection of facilities, classes & unique members knowledge! Pronoia Coworking provides secure, professional coworking space you can access on demand and around the clock. Start your business, grow your ideas and collaborate close to home with our drop-in workspace.


Whether it be online or in the Pronoia conference center, follow us to see our future learning events that range from:
– State of mind
– Wellness
– Fitness
– Yoga
– Nutrition
– Digital economy
And many more diverse subjects to enhance your knowledge and confidence, leading to action!

Bali’s best lifestyle club and retreat!
Book your retreat today Enjoy amazing benefits tomorrow!