Pronoia "The Universe is conspiring in your favor"

Our mission is to create individualistic leaders in a community connected worldwide. Our core fundamentals bring a holistic approach to State of Mind, Health and Performance : combining energetic living, focused work, and dedicated time to discover the beauty of Bali. In this vein, Pronoia Community is Bali’s premier lifestyle center.



Quebec-born and raised, Janick always had a flair for business and eye for detail. Janick decided to take his skills overseas where he managed some of the finest establishments for companies such as Raffles, Jumeirah and Ritz-Carlton, for whom he collected multiple awards and recognitions. After climbing to the General Manager position and working across several continents, Janick used his people focus qualities to create some of the most unique hospitality experiences while his Food & Beverage background have always kept an important part in reaching the guests.

His constant dedication to creating memorable hospitality experiences and his talent for surrounding himself with passionate and talented individuals soon lead him to the position of CEO for Finns Bali group. Soon after, Janick decided to combine his passion for people, wellness and Hotel experience to create his own brand “PRONOIA COMMUNITY”. Reflecting his persona, Pronoia is a Holistic lifestyle membership and retreat located in Bali Indonesia.


Behind the scene, Janick spent countless nights fighting for his idea and vision. Building his project from a business take over in closure, Janick held all positions in order to meet business demand and expenses. From coaching peoples in fitness over to building custom diet plans to project development. Working 18 hours a day and 7 days a week, Janick made it thanks to his holistic lifestyle dedication to support him through this journey. After couple of years turning around the foundation of the business and ending literally with 100$ in his pocket ending up sleeping on his office floor, Janick finished his investment pitch and secured investment after only 48 hours!

How Pronoia Community idea was born?

Behind my work as CEO, I was drawn to studying in dept a holistic approach to increase my performance in a very high demanding work environment. Outdoor activities, fitness, nutrition and psychology became a pleasant daily routine. Looking for a gateway, every option for stress release was towards yoga and meditation… Being a very high energy person, that wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for a place for stress release with a very active community where I would move, learn and discover new things. Here the foundation of “Pronoia Community” was born!.

On his biggest mistake

My biggest mistake has been to take everything too seriously and beat myself for any mistake I made, instead of simply learning from it and moving on. It took me a while to understand deep down that those mistakes have been building me over the years. Mistake does not exist, only learning curve.

On advice to young entrepreneur

Even if everyone is running for gold, but if you want to run for diamonds, go for the diamonds! Often people tell me “Oh, that’s how that person got rich and popular” and another person tells me “Oh, that’s how this person did it” But the funny things is that they are two complete opposite ways hahaha. Stop listening how everyone achieved success and find your own path to success.

On wellbeing

The day you truly understand who you really are without outside pollution and you live from this, a deep harmony and peace of mind settle. That’s wellbeing for me!

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Holistic approach to wellness in a high energy and driven community.

What is Holistic approach

This is a concept that is widely used in the medical world, but relatively new to the lifestyle world. Holistic from a Greek word, hole, which means whole. In medicine, the holistic approach is to consider the whole person, rather than treating organ, a disease or the symptoms of a disease. In lifestyle, the holistic approach consist in developing a lifestyle hygiene focusing on all fundamental elements that make up the lifestyle of each individual. From a global and integrated vision of the person, this allow to have a global understanding of the state of health or deficiency, thus making it possible to restore and maintain the balance between the different components for a balanced quality of life.