Looking to make a change in your life, it all start by taking care of your body.

At Pronoia, we truly value quality classes by keeping all our classes at a maximum of 8 peoples. By a reduce numbers of athletes per class, our certified coach as time to work on right posture for each individual!
Be part of a revolutionary community!

Looking for friends, pleasure or to increase your mental energy, our different range of classes welcomes everyone.


Our classes

HIIT – is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout.

Stretching – the system of exercises focused on different muscle groups, it improves body flexibility and blood circulation.

Booty class – exercises system that helps to work out booty muscles and build a great body.

Kids gymnastics – training targeting development of children in harmony and prepares the body for future sport activities.

Kids acrobatics – gymnastic exercises tend to improve flexibility, power, balance and leaping ability.